Why us?

Do you want to work with a company who offers you open and honest advice to help you grow your business??

From our initial free meeting we will work with you to develop the strategy and also be on hand to implement and get involved with your business.  But be warned – we do ask probing and difficult questions to ensure you know what you want and are prepared to get there.

Chrysalis Business Support is run by Jenni Henderson who has many years experience in business development and has worked in a number of industries such as the leisure industry and the IT industry.

I am Jenni Henderson and I would like to tell you a little a bit about why I set up my business and why I love working with business owners like yourself.

From a very early age I used to watch my dad to go out to work wearing his suit and carrying a briefcase.  My dad is my hero and I always want to make him proud and be like him.  Strong, successful, hard working and determined.  However, my dad was an accountant and I wasn’t very good with numbers!

When I was around 13/14 years of age I heard about Marketing and thought – “That’s what I want to do!”.  I went to work in Lea & Perrins Worcester Sauce International Marketing Department on work experience and it was so exciting and so much fun.

I was lucky enough to go to university in Bristol where in my third year I specialised in Marketing.  However, we had a visiting professor take the class and 6 months before graduation told us all that we were no good at it and we shouldn’t apply for a graduate marketing programme as we didn’t have a chance of getting anything when there was such a high calibre of applicants who would be going for the jobs.  Nice!

I came back home and didn’t know what to do.  However a few months later there was a job advertised in the paper for a Sales & Marketing Assistant at a local company.  I went for the job and was successful.  Over the next 12 years I worked hard and was promoted to Sales & Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager, Divisional Manager and was also the MD Designate.  I was fortunate to be mentored and supported by some amazing people who helped me to create the strategy and implement this in the business.

However, one thing was always very clear to me and that was the ROI (return on investment) and the results that we would be getting from any marketing strategy we did.  Where did this come from?  Yes, you guessed it – my dad.  He was always moaning about marketing spending all the money and he didn’t see what they were getting for the money!

When I was networking and spending time with business owners in the area I was gob-smacked at how few of them had a written strategy and how much money they were spending on marketing and they were either not getting the results or were not even tracking what was happening with their marketing.

I started to see an area where I could really help the business owner understand the strategy and put something into practice that would get them the results with a targeted approach instead of a scatter-gun approach.

I could help and train business owners in marketing in the same way that I had been allowed to develop my skills over the years and help them to go from being in their cocoon and being scared of marketing or not give it the right focus and break out to help grow their business.

So as you can see Chrysalis is all about being passionate about helping companies to grow and to help them focus their efforts into what works well for them.  This is measured not only in terms of new sales but also in terms of looking at streamlining processes and working more efficiently to deliver results.  This might be putting in place customer relationship and sales processes within the business to close the loop between all sectors of sales, marketing and customer service.  It is all about looking at at all sectors of your company to ensure that your brand is well presented and that all members of your team have the same focus and message for your customers.

If this sounds like something you would welcome in your business and need an extra pair of hands to work on your sales & marketing strategies and implement your plans then please do contact us on hello@chrysalis-support.co.uk or Jenni@chrysalis-support.co.uk

I look forward to hearing from you.


Jenni Henderson - Business Advisor