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The business lessons I’ve learnt whilst singing in a choir

As well as running a marketing strategy support business I also sing in a local vocal group, here in Worcester. It’s a great hobby because it means I get to spend time with a fantastic bunch of talented people, with us all working together to create and deliver something memorable and successful. We also have […]

A 121 interview with Kathy Scott, business owner at Hands on at Work, workplace massage

A 121 interview with Kathy Scott, business owner at Hands on at Work, workplace massage

I have known Kathy from Hands on at Work for a number of  years and recently we took the opportunity to sit down and have a quick update where she told me more about how she started the business and how she helps her clients and their employees. Q: What is your own background and […]

What my coffee shop experience taught me about teamwork!

I was in my favourite coffee shop the other day waiting for my usual morning pick-me-up; my gingerbread latte. There was a long queue so I had plenty of time to watch the staff at work. It was not going well. The first thing I noticed was that each employee was trying to do, pretty […]

What is DiSC profiling – and how will it benefit my business and drive sales?

What is DiSC profiling? Well to put it simply, it’s all about organisations getting the right balance of people, personalities and skills. It also enables everyone involved to really see and understand ‘why they do, what they do’. We’re sure you’d agree that in business, that is pretty fundamental! What does it do? Recognised and […]

What has competitive Dragon Boating taught me about business?

Have you ever heard of Dragon Boating? If not, I’d highly recommend you check out some of the online videos and the one I would really recommend is the final of the 500m Open Category at the World Championships in Welland in August 2015 which you can find here – DragonBoat Final It’s a fantastically […]

How to get the best use from all those business cards after networking

Have you ever come away from a networking event with a small handful (or even a large pile) of business cards in your pocket? Yep, me too… When you sit down to look through them a few hours (or even a few days) after the event, if you’re lucky some will have a note or […]

Six ways to boost your online reviews

There’s no getting away from it, your personal and business profile online contributes significantly to how your potential customers see you. Having first-class reviews about you and your organisation across web and social media sites is therefore, critically important. And the more you have the better. Here then, are six ways to boost your online […]

Speaking your own language!

I was recently in London with my mum for a little day trip out. We had a great day planned. Catch the train down to London, go and see the poppies at the Tower of London, get in some shopping and lunch and then head to the theatre before a matinee performance of “The 39 […]

What is your name?....

What is your name?….

More and more companies are starting to look into how to personalise their marketing and create individual print or email messages to their clients. After all – the most important word to any person is their own name! Thanks to advances in CRM systems and other technology all business, whatever size, can now gather the […]

Prepare, Activate & Perfect!

Prepare, Activate & Perfect!   There is the famous saying;”If you fail to plan, plan to fail”.  Preparing your marketing strategy should cover some key elements.  Research – Who are you selling to?  Who is your customer?  Who are your competitors?  What is going on in your market place? The next step is to write it […]