Master Your Marketing

In a recent survey that I carried out 60% of business owners in my network said that they did not have a written sales & marketing plan.


This result didn’t surprise me as in the conversations I have with business owners they typically say that they know they need to be doing more marketing and that they do a little but it is not strategic or written down anywhere and they just “do it!”

This then leads to getting business by chance and missing some great opportunities.

In my experience when you write things down there is a better chance of getting them done.  Line of writing hands.

It also helps you to focus and when you get busy, which you will do, there is something set up to keep your marketing activity moving.  It is almost like having a hamster wheel!  The first few turns for the hamster are hard work but once he gets it going then it is moving and getting faster and easier.

The below workshop will help you as the business owner to create & develop your own sales & marketing strategy and plan in 50 days so that you don’t leave growing your business to luck and that you are able to generate more leads and sales opportunities for your business.

At the end of the 4 workshops, spread over 8 weeks you will have a written plan, a 90 day calendar of activity to follow and training on the tools & systems you need to deliver the activity.

Marketing and strategy

Here is the syllabus for the course:

50 Days To Master Your Marketing

Session 1 –
Create your vision & goals for the year
Your marketing analysis and how to achieve growth

Session 2
What is your marketing strategy?
Your marketing mix

Session 3
Your 90 day activity plan
Putting it all into action

Session 4
The tools & systems you need to help you

From this workshop you will have a clearer idea on the activity that you need to do to achieve your goals.

Getting really good at your marketing is so key for your continued success throughout the year so why not start with a clear strategy and help you get there faster.

Our next workshop starts on Wednesday 8th January from 4pm to 7pm in a central Worcester location and you can register your interest to receive further information on venue and costs by sending an email to or complete the below form.


For further information on how I can help you generate more leads for your business contact Jenni on or ring 01905 670910