I have known Kathy from Hands on at Work for a number of  years and recently we took the opportunity to sit down and have a quick update where she told me more about how she started the business and how she helps her clients and their employees.

Q: What is your own background and experience?

Originally I was a property lawyer for nearly 20 years but I never felt that it was really what I wanted to do. I had an interest in massage so I took a leap of faith and left my career. A few years later I undertook a course in holistic massage, anatomy and physiology and it started from there. That was eight years ago. Further courses and training followed and Hands On At Work was created.

Q: What is the idea behind Hands on at Work and what made you set up the business?

The idea is to encourage employers to implement a health and wellbeing strategy as a solid business policy. Having worked in an environment where the long-hours culture was the norm, I wanted to do something which I enjoy and at the same time would bring a true benefit to businesses and their employees.

Q: Why do you feel that having Hands on at Work coming into an office or other workplace environment makes a difference to employees?

We know from our clients and the feedback we receive that it is a very popular benefit which has a high participation rate and creates a ‘feel good’ factor. There are also the physical benefits of the massage itself. Employees feel valued and appreciated, they are more engaged with their work and they feel motivated. This in turn increases productivity.

Q: What kind of businesses or organisations is this especially good for?

All kinds of businesses and organisations benefit whether it is those using computers all day, people driving for long periods, people working on the factory or shop floor, teachers and lecturers – basically everyone!

Q: So, a key part of this is about supporting employees and increasing employee productivity? What is it then that stops people from being productive during the day?

Stress plays a big part. If people feel pressurised into not taking adequate breaks during the day they usually keep going but they do not realise just how tired they are. This means that they’re not working at their optimum level and this in turn affects productivity. There is also the issue of sickness absenteeism and whether that is due to mental health issues or physical problems (e.g. RSI or back pain) it can result in some people staying off work long-term. Finally, there’s also the issue of lack of motivation, especially when people feel detached from their work or not appreciated.

Q: What kind of things can we all do, as a part of our day to day working, to increase our physical wellbeing?

Make sure we factor in regular breaks even if it is just to get up and walk around the office or do some simple stretches. Take a lunch break and get some fresh air. Drink plenty of water.

Q: And if anyone reading this would like to contact you to find out more or book a massage session for their organisation, what is the best way to go about this?

That’s easy, simply call me, Kathy Scott at Hands on at Work on 07989 367669.

You can also email me at