There’s no getting away from it, your personal and business profile online contributes significantly to how your potential customers see you.

Having first-class reviews about you and your organisation across web and social media sites is therefore, critically important.

And the more you have the better.

Here then, are six ways to boost your online reviews

1. Ask
As the old adage goes, ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get’!

And the key here is to make it really easy for people to actually do it.

Make it clear that, ‘Just few words or a paragraph would be great, thank you very much’ and ensure it’s really easy for them to actually click on a link which takes them straight to the right place to begin typing.

2. Get registered
Take a moment to log into Google’s Places for Business and when you register your details (address, ‘phone number, etc), they’ll then add your business with a map which includes a street view location.

This will then show up in searches on Google Maps and Google+.

3. Get social
Your social media platforms can also include reviews.

On Facebook customers can give you a Star Rating and this review is then shared out to their followers.

With Twitter getting your account verified with a blue tick shows you’re trusted and, if you have a YouTube channel, your customers can add comments about your videos.

4. Add easy links
Ensure that when you send out customer information you include a recommendation link.

You may say something like… ‘If you’re pleased with the service you’ve received we’d love it if you’d recommend our services. It’s really easy to do this, so simply…’

5. Reverse the negative
If you do receive a negative comment or review you must respond swiftly and turn this around.

You may start your response with something like… ‘Thank you for your comments named person. We are very sorry that on this occasion we were unable to…’

And then go on to explain how you’ll now correct this mistake and do all you can (realistically!), to satisfy them.

If you respond in a courteous and respectful manner, everyone will appreciate this approach.

6. Add to your website
Remember also to re-post any positive comments on your website and ‘share the good news’ via your social media.

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