As well as running a marketing strategy support business I also sing in a local vocal group, here in Worcester.

It’s a great hobby because it means I get to spend time with a fantastic bunch of talented people, with us all working together to create and deliver something memorable and successful.

We also have some fun along the way.

It’s rather like working for a really great company.

I’ve also realised, that when singing with Worcester’s Voices Unlimited over the years, I’ve learnt many lessons that can also be applied to business.

Here are a few of them:

1: Find and maintain a clear voice

Clarity and consistency in the way you promote your business and deal with people is terrifically important. You need to be well rehearsed, know the words and always use an appropriate voice. Yep, it’s exactly like singing in a vocal group!

2: Work in harmony with others

Harmoniously working with other people may not always come naturally and learning how to do this well, can require some work. It is however essential for success and a great way to do this, is to simply respect and encourage the talents of other people.

3: Be able to interpret the language

From a musical score to a technical business document it is important that you can always read and understand the language. If in doubt you must ask for clarity. Failure to do so could put you in hot water.

4: Look for light and shade

When performing a popular piece of music there will be times when the volume and emphasis will both quieten (Piano) and grow louder (Fortissimo).

In business it is important to look out for the times when you need to grab an opportunity and act on it, as well as the other occasions when it’s probably best to let something sit.

In business or in music, it is therefore, all about understanding the quiet and loud and the light and shade moments.

5: Be guided and learn from the best

CEO, Head of Department or Vocal Director they all have a vision of how it should be done and, whilst it is their job to communicate this down to their team, it is also up to everyone involved to then play the very best part they can in the overall delivery.

6: Meet a deadline

The audience is seated, the lights are going down and an expectant hush has overtaken the auditorium. Now is not the time to realise, that you’re not ready to walk on stage.

Performing music is very similar to providing a service or selling a product; it has to be there on time; completed, perfect and ready to meet the customer’s expectations.

7: Be brave

Both standing on a stage to sing and standing up in a room full of professional people to deliver a business presentation can be nerve-racking. From controlled breathing to the right amount of rehearsal, it is important that you find ways to overcome any nerves and be brave – and do it.

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