SightConcernJAIL N BAIL 2013

You know when you get a phone call from someone who says – “Would you like to be arrested by the police and locked up for Charity?” and you think – “Hmmm – would I?”

Well, I got that phone call earlier this year and the idea of being a prisoner for the day quite appealed to me.

On a sunny June day myself and three others were marched to the High Street in Worcester where we were arrested and then taken to our “jail cell” for the day.

Our objective – raise £500 bail money to be released.
I had already primed a few of my contacts that this was going to be happening and had created an email campaign that went out at exactly the same time as my arrest!  Then an afternoon spent on social media and on the phone ringing my contacts helped me to raise the bail money and I was released from good behaviour.

We even made the paper –

JH_Jail Me in Jail! My crime – Manhunting with Intent!

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that sponsored me and if you get the phone call next year…..Say Yes!  It was a fun experience and for a good cause!