What is DiSC profiling?

Well to put it simply, it’s all about organisations getting the right balance of people, personalities and skills.

It also enables everyone involved to really see and understand ‘why they do, what they do’.

We’re sure you’d agree that in business, that is pretty fundamental!

What does it do?

Recognised and used by organisations worldwide, DiSC profiling is a highly insightful system which demonstrates that we all have varying levels of four key behaviours.

These are – Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.

If you own and run a business of any kind or if you’re involved on the HR side, DiSC can help you a great deal.

It helps your organisation:

  • Bring out the very best in your people
  • Help your people work more effectively
  • Develop more cohesive and successful teams
  • Build better and new customer relationships
  • Drive sales.

And on a personal level it enables each individual to:

  • Overcome their weaknesses
  • Extend their strengths
  • Improve their effectiveness
  • Make better connections with the people around them.

How does it work?

It is all based around each individual filling in a questionnaire sale levitra.

A detailed personal profile is then produced and this highlights the individual’s strengths or weakness in relation to the four personality types as above.

It also details the actions or behavioural changes they should now look to make, to enable them to operate more effectively.

How about you?

So, what kind of a DiSC profile do you think you would return?

Would you be a dominant influencer or a steady and conscientious worker?

Of course, we all have varying elements of each of the four behaviours.

Delivering high value

DiSC is valued by many canny business managers, team leaders and sales people as it gives them clear information on how to improve day to day delivery.

And here at Chrysalis Business Support we see DiSC bringing a huge value to many of organisations we work with.

How will DiSC drive my sales?

DiSC drives your sales because it enables you to:

  • Understand your DiSC sales style
  • Recognise and understand each customer’s buying style
  • Adapt your sales style to meet each customer’s buying style.

Have a look at our Everything DiSC page and you’ll see that we offer a one day DiSC Sales Workshop.

Join us for a day and you’ll walk away with a much deeper understanding of yourself and your customers – and how you can adapt to meet their needs.

For more information or to book a workshop date, please e-mail me, Jenni Henderson, today – or simply call me on 01905 670910.